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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Dec 10, 2019


Dan Demsky is a lifelong entrepreneur and Co-Founder of travel apparel brand Unbound Merino. Dan first grew BizMedia, a digital video agency, from the ground up before he found inspiration for Unbound Merino.

Dan came up with the idea for Unbound Merino while on his honeymoon, lamenting the need to check luggage and schlep overstuffed bags everywhere he went. The desire to find a way to pack lighter led him to merino wool, a material known for its ability to wick moisture, regulate body temperature and resist both wrinkles and odour.

Dan ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch Unbound Merino, raising $350,000 more than his original goal. In this episode, Dan talks about the journey of launching his travel apparel brand and the strategies he used to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Dan also talks about the dichotomy of stillness versus productivity, and why he is motivated by fun rather than money. Enjoy!


  • The dichotomy of finding stillness versus being productive constantly
  • How Dan grew a successful video production business from the ground up
  • How meditation has improved Dan’s productivity
  • The challenges of navigating through chaos versus order
  • How Dan got started with his travel apparel brand Unbound Merino
  • The story behind Dan’s successful crowdfunding campaign, raising $350,000 more than his target
  • Dan’s philosophy for living a good life
  • Dan’s childhood and the effect it had on his relationship with money
  • Being productive versus succumbing to procrastination and distraction

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