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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Aug 27, 2019


Michael Simonsen is the founder CEO of real estate data and analytics firm, Altos Research. A true data geek, he founded Altos Research to commercialise modelling software he built for his personal need to track the value of his oversized Silicon Valley mortgage after the NASDAQ bubble...

Aug 20, 2019


Kevin Dubrosky helps entrepreneurs figure out WHAT they (truly) want, HOW to (actually) get it, and then WHO they must become to make it inevitable. He used to help businesses reimagine what was possible for their brands and products. Now, Kevin helps people reimagine what’s possible...

Aug 14, 2019


Howard Tinker is the Founder of Restaurant Profits, a specialist marketing company that helps restaurant owners get more bums on seats. Restaurant Profits specialise in building customer databases, managing more than 1.3 million customer’s data for their clients. 

Howard is also the...

Aug 6, 2019


Rachel David is a former broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur. Rachel’s business, Hashtag Communications, helps businesses execute powerful influencer marketing campaigns.

Rachel has the unique ability to create authentic brand campaigns combining top tier...