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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Nov 25, 2019


Vladimir Druts is a life-long learner, entrepreneur and marketer. He is the Founder of - a boutique video production and marketing agency focused on helping growth-minded entrepreneurs increase conversions and revenue through persuasive storytelling.

Vladimir's quest to understand the world, pushing himself to be better, and optimize his life has taken him on journeys through the Himalayan mountains and years of meditative and psychedelic practice. Vladimir’s most recent venture is FRWRD skincare - a USDA organic skin-care line for those that wish to create their best skin, self, and legacy.

In this episode, Vladimir talks in-depth about many dichotomies in his life, including habits versus rituals, and the battle between minimalism and striving to acquire more. Vladimir also discusses the philosophy of arete, why the internet is both a blessing and a curse, and how to break the pattern of destructive habits. Enjoy!


  • The dichotomy of continuous improvement versus self-acceptance
  • The philosophy of arete - the act of living up to one’s full potential
  • The dichotomy of minimalism versus striving to acquire more
  • How to break the pattern of destructive habits
  • The dichotomy of passion versus security and companionship
  • The effect that modern life has on our ability to reflect and find stillness
  • Why the internet is both a blessing and an enormous curse
  • The lessons Vladimir learned from his tough journey through the Himalayas 


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