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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Apr 7, 2019


Amber Hawken is an entrepreneur, author and founder of the Calm Mind Project, a set of school programs that educate students, teachers and parents on how to build emotional resilience, an inspiration for life, and self-connection through mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness.

In this episode, Amber talks about developing self-awareness and her passion for helping others to shift their perspective. She goes in-depth about how facing uncomfortable emotions and negative habits can help you experience your bliss.

Amber also talks about giving yourself permission to live in the moment and explores the idea of identity as a limitation. Enjoy!

What You Will Discover in This Episode:

  • The necessity of ego in business
  • How to understand self-doubt and develop confidence as self-trust
  • Why you should unpack your emotions and become a conscious entrepreneur
  • How to achieve more clarity in life
  • The importance of letting go of the past and living in the moment
  • Why there is no right or wrong in decision making