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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Aug 14, 2019


Howard Tinker is the Founder of Restaurant Profits, a specialist marketing company that helps restaurant owners get more bums on seats. Restaurant Profits specialise in building customer databases, managing more than 1.3 million customer’s data for their clients. 

Howard is also the author of two restaurant marketing books - More Bums on Seats and Selling at the Table. Despite owning and running a successful marketing company, Howard’s passion still lies in personal development, growth, and psychology. Through coaching people, Howard explores the idea of leading a bigger life and helps his clients to develop positive beliefs that will help them create the life they desire.

In this episode, Howard talks about his childhood, and the lessons he learned from growing up in impoverished circumstances. He also reveals why he practices being conscious of his mortality, and how that guides his day-to-day actions. Howard also discusses his relationship with identity and the principles for building and designing the life you want. Enjoy!


  • Deconstructing what success means and how its definition changes throughout life
  • Howard’s childhood and what he learned from growing up in impoverished circumstances
  • How Howard views identity and his role as an entrepreneur, husband, and father
  • Howard’s relationship with his ego
  • Times when Howard has felt most out of alignment
  • How Howard’s restaurant marketing business has evolved over time
  • Principles for building and designing the life you want
  • Being conscious of your mortality

More Bums On Seats - Five Steps To A Highly Successful Restaurant
Selling at the Table: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Restaurant’s Profits and Your Life

Learning to Learn by Trinidad Hunt

Howard’s LinkedIn

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