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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Oct 16, 2019


Ahad Ghadimi is the CEO & Founder of Forums@Work. Ahad brings a rich background as a start-up entrepreneur, Global 500 executive, and cultural-transformation artist to his roles as CEO, investor and coach.

Ahad is a member of the Young President's Organizations (YPO) and the Membership Officer for the Colorado Chapter, a member and workshop leader at the Soho House and the National Center of Employee-Ownership. Ahad is Vice-Chairman of the board of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (RMEOC) and sits on the Colorado Ballet's YP Board.

In this episode, Ahad talks about the most prevalent dichotomies in his life and shares several thought-provoking philosophies on how to live a great life. Amongst a range of topics, Ahad explores the dichotomy of always wanting more and planning for the future, versus reflecting on the present moment and enjoying the life you have created. Enjoy!


  • How Ahad built a successful swimwear label at the age of 21
  • The dichotomy of pursuing work through the lens of art versus prioritising profit
  • The dichotomy of pursuing your interest even if it’s not scalable or sustainable
  • How he became a specialist at turning businesses around from the brink of collapse
  • The one emotion that has guided Ahad’s journey
  • The dichotomy of planning for the future versus living in the moment
  • The purpose of Ahad’s current business - Forums@Work


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