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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Jan 15, 2020

Mike Brcic is an adventurer, writer, entrepreneur, husband, father, and traveler. One of Mike’s main goals in life is to use business to create positive change in the world. Mike is achieving this through his companies - Sacred Rides and Mastermind Adventures. 

His latest business, Mastermind Adventures, hosts carefully curated small-group adventures to bring together amazing, audacious entrepreneurs in spectacular, remote settings. Through his work for social entrepreneurs, Mike delivers workshops, bootcamps, one-on-one consulting, and mentorship for entrepreneurs who seek to change the world through business.

In this episode, Mike talks about the dichotomy between vulnerability and connection, describing how we are often afraid that if people see our fears, wounds, and flaws, they will reject us. He contends that showing vulnerability is what leads to connection. Mike also talks about his entrepreneurial journey and the dichotomies he has faced along the way. We talk about travel, monks, meditation, and more. Enjoy!


  • The dichotomy between vulnerability and connection
  • Mike’s experience building companies alongside building a family
  • The meaning of bon vivant and why Mikes live by this philosophy
  • The meaning of culture and why travelling is so meaningful
  • Being a traveler versus being a tourist
  • Monks, meditation and accountability
  • The dichotomy of scale
  • The story behind Mike’s business - Mastermind Adventures
  • How & why Mike built Sacred Rides and Bikes Without Borders


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Why Travel Matters by Craig Storti

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