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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Apr 13, 2019


Ronsley Vaz is a speaker, author and marketer. He is the author of the book AMPLIFY – How to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business.

His podcast, ‘Bond Appetit’, was Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and now receives between eight and twelve thousand listeners a day.

Ronsley is also the founder of audio marketing agency Amplify, which focuses on giving brands a voice.

In this episode, we discuss Ronsley’s journey from a failed restaurant owner to the founder of Amplify, a marketing agency with employees in 12 different time zones.

We talk about the dichotomies Ronsley has faced along the way, how he handled the tough times, and the true meaning of gratitude. Enjoy! 

  • Social media & the dichotomies that exist in building a brand or remaining behind the scenes
  • The perception of one’s identity & how to separate it from our business
  • How Ronsley deals with anxiety & the challenges he faced when shutting down his restaurant business
  • Emotional intelligence & whether it helps or hinders him
  • Big Wins but lots of failures
  • Gratitude
  • Why you should journal every morning


Amplify Agency

Amplify Book: How to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business

Bond Appetit Podcast

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