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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Apr 26, 2021

Giovanni Bartolomeo is an entrepreneur and life adventurer with a passion for creating deep connections and environments for these types of connections to take place.

Using easy and effective techniques such as breath work, cold exposure, movement, and fasting, he facilitates workshops and retreats designed to unlock the innate human potential within us all. Gio is also an advocate for plant medicine, a key element that contributed to changing his life for the better.  

In this episode we go over his journey to living an extraordinary life, from coming to terms with the fact that something important was missing in his seemingly successful life to discovering what truly matters to him.  



  • Gio’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Lessons from 50+ Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Dichotomy between control and letting go
  • Lessons from a 55-day fast
  • Living in busy Toronto vs living in quiet Costa Rica


Gio’s website | Gio’s LinkedIn | Gio’s Intagram | Gio’s Facebook | Gio’s YouTube | Gio’s documentary

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