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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Nov 6, 2019


Dev Basu is the founder of Powered by Search, a performance media and digital marketing agency that helps b2b software technology companies such as Clio, Clickfunnels, and Shutterstock on how to create relevant user experiences that get them more attention, build connections, and drive conversion. 

In 2018, Powered by Search’s work has driven over $2.4 billion in annual sales, directly attributable to the Intent Engine methodology applied successfully to SEO, Direct Response Paid Search and Social. 

In this episode, Dev talks about gaining awareness through measurement and reflection, and the important role that journaling plays in the process. Dev also explores several dichotomies, including how limiting beliefs can serve us but also hold us back, and how business and relationships can co-exist. Enjoy!


  • How to gain awareness through measurement and reflection
  • The dichotomy of limiting beliefs - how they can serve us but also hold us back
  • The simple shift you should make on how you ask questions
  • How to deal with highly-driven people
  • Why getting better comes from understanding and learning rather than blame
  • The fear of identity and choosing to be happy
  • The dichotomy of short-term planning versus long-term planning and which approach works best
  • How Dev conducts his quarterly and annual planning and the role journaling plays
  • The dichotomy of relationships and business, including Dev’s philosophy of marriage


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