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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Jun 25, 2019


Michael Downie is a YouTuber and Content Creator, with a fast-growing YouTube channel called DownieLive. Michael’s interest in video production began on a whim when he signed up for a video production class in Grade 10. He took the class for three years and developed a talent and passion for video.

Michael went on to attend business school and work in marketing, before returning to video after shooting and uploading videos from a travelling adventure with a friend. Michael has now launched a YouTube channel called DownieLive, which has quickly grown to more than 20,000 subscribers.

In this episode, Michael reveals the tactics he has used to grow his YouTube channel to more than 20,000 subscribers in less than two years. He also explains the dichotomies he has faced along the way, including the challenge of scaling attention and then dealing with the consequences of growth. 

Michael also shares his thoughts on the dichotomy of being the face of your brand versus shying away from the spotlight. Enjoy!


  • The tactics Michael used to grow his YouTube channel
  • The dichotomies Michael faced when building his audience
  • How to use YouTube to scale attention, and the dichotomy you face when more attention comes your way
  • The challenges of being a prolific freelance content creator
  • The problem with asking for advice and why you should listen to your gut
  • The dichotomy of being the face of your brand versus shying away from the spotlight


Downie Live YouTube Channel

Michael’s LinkedIn

DownieLive on Instagram

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