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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Jun 11, 2019


Dr Ben Carvosso is a qualified Chiropractor and High-Performance Coach with 28 years experience. Using a variety of coaching methodologies and strategies, he helps people achieve success and live their ideal life.

Dr Ben owns a company called The On Button. The On Button provides bespoke health care across a range of services, including Chiropractic, Myotherapy, and Natural Therapies, as well as incorporating his High-Performance Coaching business.

In this episode, Dr Ben explains how he has created a loving home life built on discipline, and why his legacy drives him to get the most out of life. He uses a ten-pin bowling analogy to explain his approach to parenting and stresses the importance of making your home a safe place for your children.

Dr Ben also reveals the dichotomy he is struggling with the most in life at the moment and explains how his fear of being seen as weak drives him to take action and improve constantly. Enjoy!



  • The story of Mike & Ben’s 13km run in torrential rain
  • The importance of mental strength and flipping the paradigm of ‘aging’ by striving to get faster, better, and stronger every year
  • How Ben has built a great home life
  • The biggest mistake people make in business and life
  • The importance of having flexibility in your life so you’re prepared when bad things happen


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