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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

May 23, 2019


Ken Fowler is the Managing Director of the B Series Group of Recruitment Consultancies. He has played an integral role in Brisbane’s recruitment industry,  having driven many specialist recruitment firms to service the changing needs of employers.

Ken is best known for his relentless passion for developing leaders and his commitment to his employee’s professional development. In 2015 Ken launched “JobPrep – Prepare for your next job”, and “B2B Selling Skills”. These e-learning programs are dedicated to improving the professional skills of the sales community and assisting candidates from all different markets in how to prepare for their next job.

In this episode, Ken talks about his unique approach to goal-setting, and how he defines up to eight roles in his life that each come with their own responsibilities and aspirations. Ken also shares what he loves about business and explains the flow on effects that occur when you prioritize your own happiness. Enjoy!


Episode Highlights:

  • Filtering opportunities based on your mission and values.
  • The challenging times Ken has faced and how he navigated it emotionally and psychologically.
  • Why business is black and white and how to use it as a feedback mechanism.
  • Setting annual roles and goals as an approach to fulfillment and balance.
  • Why you should live to do everything well and stop doing the things you don’t enjoy.
  • The flow on effects that occur when you prioritise your own happiness.


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JobPrep YouTube E-Learning Series

B2B Selling Skills YouTube E-Learning Series


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