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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

May 9, 2019


Clayton Daniel is an entrepreneur, personal finance expert and author of ‘Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle: Buy time, fund new experiences, and keep more of what you worked for’. After selling his financial advice business in 2017, Clayton has since gone on to grow a thriving community of financial advisors called XY Advisors. Today XY advisors is one the leading education and events platforms for progressive advisors in Australia.

In this episode we talk about relationships and how using the experiences of failed relationships has shaped the relationship he’s most proud of today..

Growing up, one of Clayton’s earliest ambitions was to be an actor, so he could escape the ‘small town’ he grew up in. We talk about how his upbringing has shaped his values and the life decisions he made along the way.

In this episode, Clayton shares why he actively pursues dichotomies in his life and why the deepest learning exists in them. From spending time as a rockstar, to a server in church, to an army officer and beach bum surfer; Clayton shares the dichotomies at each stage of his journey and what he learnt from them.


Episode Highlights

  • How he feels when someone asks him the question what do you do?
  • How growing up in the country has influenced his values today
  • The dichotomies of wanting to build an empire plus a great family life
  • Why fear is his primary motivation in business and how he harnesses it.
  • Why we’re so much luckier than we ever appreciate.
  • Why you should pursue dichotomies and gain your greatest lessons at the edges of the things you do in life.



XY Advisor

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle

Clayton Daniel

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