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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Apr 17, 2019


Adam Valastro is a qualified plumber and world traveller who founded his company, Travelling Tradies, while trekking across the globe. Travelling Tradies creates opportunities for Aussie Tradies to explore the world and live an epic life by connecting them to hotels & hotels where they exchange their skills for food & accommodation.

Adam was incredibly honest in our chat, discussing everything from being a depressed Plumber in Australia to throwing his phone in the ocean and embarking on a global trip at a moment’s notice. We talk about how trusting his gut, embracing vulnerability, and facing uncertainty have helped Adam navigate the biggest dichotomies in his life. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of letting go of control, trusting your gut, and facing your fears
  • The baggage around ‘finding your purpose’ and Adam’s alternative approach to purpose
  • Why you should learn to embrace uncertainty
  • The tools Adam uses to unlock his vulnerability and why that can be such a powerful practice


Adam on LinkedIn

Travelling Tradies

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