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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Aug 20, 2019


Kevin Dubrosky helps entrepreneurs figure out WHAT they (truly) want, HOW to (actually) get it, and then WHO they must become to make it inevitable. He used to help businesses reimagine what was possible for their brands and products. Now, Kevin helps people reimagine what’s possible for them. 

Kevin is the author of the unusually-formatted books “Unlock Your Next Level” and “The Whale Vomit”. He lives a truly unique life and is a master when it comes to lifestyle design and human psychology.

In this episode, Kevin talks about how he has created his ideal lifestyle, which involves working just two days each week. He talks about his minimalistic lifestyle and why he has pursued freedom over Ferraris. Kevin talks with incredibly authenticity and honesty, discussing some of the harder times in his life and the dichotomies he has faced along the way. Enjoy!



  • The purpose of language and its effect on our actions and mindset
  • How Kevin created a minimalistic lifestyle
  • Kevin’s philosophy on material possessions
  • Kevin’s unique morning routine
  • Why you should focus on mastering your LERCH
  • Why Kevin has crossed out multiple paragraphs in Ray Dalio’s book ‘Principles’
  • The dichotomy of pursuing excellence while being out of alignment
  • Identity and not letting what you do for work define you


Unlock Your Next Level by Kevin Dubrosky
The Whale Vomit Method by Kevin Dubrosky

The Best Self Journal

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
Principles by Ray Dalio

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