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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Aug 27, 2019


Michael Simonsen is the founder CEO of real estate data and analytics firm, Altos Research. A true data geek, he founded Altos Research to commercialise modelling software he built for his personal need to track the value of his oversized Silicon Valley mortgage after the NASDAQ bubble burst of 2002. 

Mike has since grown the company to be the nation’s premier vendor of real-time housing and rental market analytics. As the 2019-20 president of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) in San Francisco, Mike leads and grows with thousands of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the world. Mike’s first book, Hacking Happiness, is scheduled for publication in 2020.

In this episode, Mike discusses how you can hack happiness by altering the brain’s neurochemistry. He talks about how you can unlock your superpower and live a happier life by being aware of how these chemicals can influence your state of mind. Mike also talks about the dichotomy of balancing family life and business, and why you should play to your strengths by identifying which of the four different entrepreneur archetypes represents you. Enjoy!


  • How you can unlock your superpower
  • Alter egos and how they can be harnessed and used in business
  • The principles of hacking happiness
  • Different states that neurochemistry can create in the brain and how it can be optimised
  • The four different entrepreneur archetypes
  • The dichotomy of balancing family life and business


Michael’s LinkedIn

The Entrepreneurs Organization

Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal

The Five Love Languages

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman

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