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Dichotomy Podcast with Mike Reid

Jul 9, 2019


Dave Wilkin is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for connecting youth with global brands to unlock new and meaningful opportunities. Dave is the Founder of Ten Thousand Coffees, a tech company that helps power one-to-one human connections in the workplace.

Dave is also a regular speaker on topics such as tech, talent, and effective leadership. He is dedicated to improving and developing innovative new ways for global organizations to better connect with upcoming generations.

In this episode, Dave talks about his experiences growing a tech startup and the philosophies that have guided him throughout his journey. We talk about the dichotomies he has faced and the routines and habits that help him stay happy and grounded. Enjoy!


  • How context switching makes us less productive and less efficient, and why you should integrate instead
  • Learning to appreciate the struggle of the entrepreneurial journey instead of obsessing over the destination
  • The daily practices that help Dave lead a happy, healthy life
  • Imposter syndrome and the importance of celebrating small wins
  • The life-changing experience of Burning Man and the lesson Dave learned from being tech-free
  • How Dave found inspiration to launch his business, Ten Thousand Coffees



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